We expect the referees to complete and submit the report within 3-4 weeks.

We ask referees to pay particular attention to the following aspects in their report:

  • Whether the manuscript’s content matches the scope of the journal.
  • What is the degree of innovation of the results, their novelty, and the importance to the field.
  • Whether the manuscript is well organized, and has a technical and logical form appropriate for scientific publications,
  • In addition, the Referee’s report should contain an evaluation of the quality of physical insight in the studies reported, and the degree to which the results are physically relevant and realistic.

We expect the report to factually support the assessment and is written in a style appropriate for forwarding it to the authors. You may include confidential comments to the editor in the provided section.

Use the login panel, where you are indicated as a potential Referee of a given paper. Please declare whether the editorial office can count on your opinion as an expert.


IMPORTANT! The submission panel IS NOT ACTIVE until further notice as now it is being tested. Please contact us by e-mail.