The paper of the month, chosen by the Editor-in-Chief, is "In-Plane Optical Anisotropy of [001]-Oriented Asymmetrical Quantum Wells" by Djanelidze and E. Tsitsishvili; 


Despite of the fact that the optical anisotropy in quantum wells has been investigated theoretically and experimentally for many years the authors present an interesting theoretical approach to calculating optical anisotropy in asymmetric quantum wells. The analysis starts from basic symmetry considerations that lead to the appearance of anisotropy caused by asymmetry of the quantum well. Next the formulated model is applied to the in-plane optical anisotropy of [001] zinc blende quantum wells. It is shown that the asymmetry should result in the mixing of light- and heavy hole states. The paper contributes to the understanding of the role of symmetry breaking in quantum wells.


The Editor-in-Chief

Published: 23.01.2023

Low-Temperature Air Plasma Jet for Inactivation of Bacteria (S. Aureus and E. Coli) and Fungi (C. Albicans and T. Rubrum)

Xinhua Zhang, Kok Jun Liew, Chun Shiong Chong, Xiaohong Cai, Zhidong Chang, Hao Jia, Peng Liu, Hua He, Wei Liu, Yuexian Li (Author)


Leave One Out Detrended Fluctuation Analysis

R.N. Vargas, A.C. Paschoarelli Veiga, R.R. Linhares (Author)


Tunable Second-Order Sideband Effects Based on Dual-Species BEC-Optomechanical Systems

Li-Wei Liu, Guo-Heng Zhang, Xiang-Li Wang, Xiu-Jia An , Hai-Yan Jiao (Author)


Simulation of Plasma–Water Interaction with Discharge in the Existing Bubble in Water

N. Mohammadi Nahrani, M. Bahreini, S. Hasanpour Tadi (Author)